HVAC Performance

HVAC Performance Tuning

HVAC Performance combines measurement & verification with commissioning principals to ensure peak operating performance of heating and cooling equipment. In doing so, HVAC performance takes into consideration the contractor’s contribution to energy efficiency gains as both equipment improvements and process improvements are captured. A fundamental principal of HVAC performance is that operating BTU performance is a better measure of true efficiency than equipment ratings.

For Contractors

HVAC performance and efficiency testing can be used to measure and verify true operating BTU performance. For existing installations, efficiency testing can diagnose existing equipment and duct performance and to identify opportunities for improvement to discuss with your customer and utility partner. For new installations, including both replacements and new homes or buildings, efficiency testing and performance optimization ensures the equipment is operating at peak performance. Finally, in addition to utility and manufacturer programs, contractors can use HVAC Performance principals to become a full blown performance contractor.

For Utility and State Sponsored Efficiency Programs

HVAC performance can be used to capture incremental savings specific to the installation and/or service work. Traditional programs capture savings from the improvement in equipment ratings only and have left out the incremental opportunity from the work process. Specific measures include Quality Installation, Performance Tune-Up, Duct Modifications, and as an alternative path to Home Performance or New Homes.

For Manufacturers and Wholesalers

HVAC Performance can be used to populate commissioning and troubleshooting data, and to store and track the performance data for warranty purposes. Second tier warranty solutions may be offered provided operating performance is verified and reported.