ESI offers CommonCents, a residential and light commercial HVAC efficency testing and Home Rater software program. CommonCents is a convenient, easy-to-use web based tool that measures HVAC performance using complex formulas, field readings, and manufacturer’s specifications. Configurations can be made available for utility efficiency programs, state efficiency programs, and manufacturer warranty programs. CommonCents also offers configurations for Energy Star 3.0 New Homes and the Energy Star Rater. This database driven application also enables batch reporting for total program activity and savings.

  • Measure and verify newly installed HVAC equipment to ensure peak performance
  • Analyze existing HVAC installations to identify new savings opportunities
  • Isolate equipment and duct performance
  • Store and report performance data and work performed
  • Populate and submit test results, commissioning sheets, utility rebate forms, warranty cards, and Energy Star check lists
  • Custom data collection and reports as requested from program sponsors, contractors and raters

Commoncents is available in both a retail and white label format. Configurations and reports are often customized based on the needs of the program design, sponsor and users. For further information, please contact us at 515-276-0786 or email us at